Hello my name is Steve Stokes. I’m running for US Congress House of Representatives! For years the two party system and the divisiveness that surrounds it has stifled democracy and intellectually honest debate on the issues and so I’m pleased to announce that I’m running as an independent!

Average Americans are losing the ability of self-determination in every facet of our lives. This is because so much of our lives is determined by government and government is elected by marketing. Even if we ourselves don’t buy into the marketing of concepts that are against our interests, many do, and so the two headed beast of government can do exactly as it pleases against the interests of all citizens above the protests of the concerned and with the purchased acquiescence of the rest.

In America, we are not meant to be led by a class that spends their entire lives in office. Democracy requires that we all get involved. The problem with politics in America is not whether Democrats or Republicans are in control; it’s that the policies are carried out in a corrupt and intellectually dishonest manner.

I am a candidate that is willing to stand up to both political parties and call them out on their shortcomings, not for political gain but because it is the right thing to do. 

I am a candidate that is willing to stand up to the NSA to end Un-American surveillance on our Citizens.

As a businessperson, I am a champion of free enterprise but I will stand up to large corporations who use the influence of money to bend the rules to give themselves unfair advantage at the expense of the American people. Too big to fail and too big to jail are just too big!

We must fix the problems of money and career politicians before we can begin to have an unfiltered dialog to uncover real reasoned viable solutions for all the rest of our issues. 

We are going to change the landscape of American politics and put the people back in control. Now is the time to move beyond the limiting option of choosing a D or an R. Both sides have been willing to give up their County for their party. This is unacceptable. Don’t vote for somebody who is part of this political dynasty that has brought our country to the current state of affairs. 

Words Matter! That’s how we express thoughts which are the foundation for our vision of our future. But Actions Count! Without action nothing gets done.

I have absolute faith in the power of the people and the individual to achieve anything if motivated by pure intentions and a drive to never give up! Never accept failure.

This is the year the people take our Congress back and send the message that what has being done is not OK. It’s not all the great sounding bills that they have passed; it’s all the bills that should have been passed to regulate the unmitigated influence of corporate money on politics that were never even proposed, the term limits that have never been enacted, the endless wars that have been authorized, the drone strikes killing civilians that have not been challenged.

The ideals of our country are great, but for all of our history there’s been a struggle between those noble ideals and a reality in which they are not always fulfilled. These last 12 years certain presumptions that we believed inviolable have become accepted by those in power, those in Congress, and by the media. Habeas corpus can be suspended, torture is now practiced, we launch drone strikes and kill innocents, and privacy has been suspended as the government now monitors everything we do online. This is not an America that I recognize. Americans must vigorously fight the cancer that has attacked our democracy before it becomes too advanced to reverse.

I’m just a citizen who wants open, transparent government that serves the people. The end game of my campaign is to transform politics in America from a spectator sport to a participatory celebration of our freedoms!

We are going to have a revolution the American Way, at the ballot box!

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  • commented 2014-07-07 17:24:41 -0700
    I would like to know your views on public education. I would also like clarification on whether business would trump environment in your legislative practices or whether the preservation of our environment would always take first place in your priorities regarding practices like fracking, drilling for oil on public parkland, the Tar Sands Pipeline, and various types of mining. I like your stand on getting money out of politics and wonder how far you are willing to go in that direction. Thanks Steve!
  • posted about this on Facebook 2014-06-28 15:38:52 -0700
    About Stokes4congress.com hey everyone please support this independent CANDIDATE for CONGRESS. i supported Marianneforcongress.com and i wish all her supporters would now support this pal of hers, another independent, b/c she wanted 18+ independents at least in congress.
  • published this page 2014-06-02 09:59:08 -0700